Saturday 1 February 2014

New Year's in Berlin

I was in Berlin for a few days with my family during the winter break. It was the first year when I celebrated the new year in another country. The weather at the time was not so cold so I wore my raincoat instead of my winter coat. Also, a backpack for travelling is a must.  I visited Berlin Zoo,  tasted some delicious food in Christmas Market and just had a really great time with my family. Since winter is not my favorite time of the year it was good to travel somewhere even just for a few days. 

I'm wearing : raincoat - primark, shoes - vans, backpack - primark, snood - primark, headband - h&m


  1. I love your blog and the mood you give through your pictures!

  2. Ką tik atradau tavo blog'ą ir galiu pasakyti, kad man labai pasisekė! : ) Be galo jauku ir šilta čia apsilankius, pirmyn, jau laukiu nesulaukiu naujų post'ų : )

    1. ačiū, begalo malonu tai žinoti :> man tavo labai patinka! x

  3. Hi! I love this look is ideal composite is super preppy and you say we do you follow? kisses pretty :)